Along the way




Here are some pictures from our trip over here to Berlin.   The students took advantage of the waiting time to work on their homework.  I had a person ask me what type of group we had because they were all working so hard.

I even helped some students with their homework on the plane ride (at 55000 ft).

Waiting at O’Hare

IMG_0451 IMG_0450 IMG_0449 IMG_0448 IMG_0447 IMG_0446


In Berlin looking for our luggage.


Waiting for the bus on our way to church.


We have all arrived safely – and a little tired

We arrived safely in Berlin this morning.  Our flight was on schedule landing around 6:45.  by the time we got through customs etc and purchased the transit tickets, we still had to load 38 people onto the city bus(es) each with one or two large suitcases.   We arrived at our “home” around 9:00 set aside a little time to get washed up and then went to the American Berlin Church.  The one student that arranged his own flights met us at the church.

After Church we revisited the landmarks needed to find our way back home and everyone found something to eat.

Many of us are now back at home arranging our stuff and planning on taking a nap.


Prof. De Rooy

The Bus

It is Saturday morning.  Everyone showed up on time ready to go.  We had a few people swap items in their suitcases to make sure that they were all 50lbs or less.

Thanks to the many family members were able to see us off.  We are now headed to O’Hare!


Please pray for safe travels.  Some from our group have never flown before.  Others have never been outside of the USA.  :-)


L. De Rooy

Summer in Germany, who would have thought?

Summer in Germany? Is it really worth taking courses in Germany? Outside my comfort zone and time zone? This journey will prove to be totally worth it! I have heard so many great things about this Germany trip from the precedent students. Not only were the classes great, but also the cultural and hands-on experience were great for the students!

What I hope to be the class income is team work and accountability. This is a big group and when it comes to traveling, everyone needs to be responsible for themselves and others around them. I am hoping to learn something that is beyond the academic knowledge. Something that is a true life experience and a trip that will open our minds to our future.

Personal strength that I can contribute is a neutral attitude. I try to be in a positive or a neutral attitude when it comes to a group activity. I follow instructions and rule very well and it is hard to picture myself as someone off the track. I am goal-driven and my goal for this trip is to do well on my courses as well as my future planning as an engineer.

I want to picture what I want to do with this degree and where I want to go with my life.

My prayer for this program is that no one gets sick or lost. I hope no one loses their important belongings. I pray that the course goes smoothly and as planned. I also pray that You give strength to the coordinators and professors who will be with us 24/7 teaching and tutoring us.

Overall, I am very excited about this trip!