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Summary from the Professors

Everyone made it back safely.  Most have found that their perspective on life has changed a little.

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Sunday’s trip to Wittenberg

Sunday morning we boarded the train again and went to Wittenberg.   We were able to worship in the Castle church where Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door.  The church is being renovated in preparation for the 500 year celebration of the reformation.  We were also able to visit the Luther House.

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Course Assignment #4: Reflections on Köln.

Course Assignment #4: Reflections on Köln.

Reflect on your experience of worshipping at high mass in the Köln Cathedral.  How is this different than your home church?  What parts of the service did you like?

It is estimated that more than 20,000 people visit the cathedral each day – What were your thoughts of seeing all the “tourists” waiting to get into the church when we were leaving the service?


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This past weekend we had the opportunity to travel by train from Berlin to Heidelberg on Friday (about a 6 hour high speed train ride).   On Saturday we took the train along the Rein (Rhine) to Koblenz and spent some time checking out the city.  Later that day we travelled on to Köln (Cologne) to spend the night. Continue reading Köln

Happy Birthday Ann

While technically not related to this course, today is my wife Ann’s 50th birthday.   I asked the class to sing Happy Birthday to her  – I though they did a great job! I am not sure how fast our server is to show this video.  You can right-click on it to save it to your computer and then listen locally.

Happy Birthday Ann!

Leonard De Rooy