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Take Aways from Köln

A few weeks ago our class had the privilege of taking a trip to Heidelberg and Köln.  We were able to experience a ton of German history as well as history about Christianity.  We visited the Heidelberg church where the catechism was written, and we experienced a older city since it wasn’t harmed much in the war. Most notably, we were able to worship in the Köln Cathedral that Sunday.

Worshiping at high mass at the Köln Cathedral was a great experience for myself and the class. It was an awesome being able to worship in such a historic church, i loved the look and the feel of the cathedral. It was very different from the churches that im used to in that it was a catholic service, i think it was my first time attending a catholic church.  Even though it was different than my normal church, i still felt the presence of God in the service and there wasn’t a huge difference in the worship. My favorite part of the catholic service had to be the incense that they burned periodically.

Since the Cathedral hosts numerous visitors every day, it was odd to see the back of the church filled with visitors trying to take pictures and look around at the cathedral. I got the feeling that they weren’t there to worship or show appreciation to God, but they were only there in order to see an impressive building that man created.  It didn’t bug me too much but i just think that people should be more aware of what the church means and think less of the building itself.

Going to the Köln Cathedral as a group was definately an experience that i will always remember. Seeing the building and being able to worship there was an awesome once in a lifetime experience.