Hallo, Deutschland!

A week-and-a-half ago, our group left the States for Berlin. Germany,  in ten days time, has undoubtedly left many impressions on each student visiting Germany for the first time.

A group of us students rely on maps to get around.
A group of us students rely on maps to get around.

For me, the trip is my first to any European country. Thus far, I’ve found the cultural experience to be thoroughly enjoyable on the whole. Some aspects of the culture, though, have provided contrast to the clichés and stereotypes that I’ve previously heard and formed about Germany.

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First impressions

I find Berlin very nice and weirdly comfortable. I think it’s because I grew up in the Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Studying in a completely different environment from Calvin College is surely a refreshing opportunity. I did not expect to be this hot, although it is exactly what reminds me so much of Jakarta. We are literally sweating at least once a day, something that rarely happens in Grand Rapids.

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