Reflections on Wittenberg

With regards to my visit to Wittenberg and the church service in particular, the experience was slightly different that what I had originally anticipated. When we arrived in the town from the train, Wittenberg turned out to be a very small, quiet scene with little going on. Taking into consideration that the church in Wittenberg was the site of the reason why all of us are Protestants today, one may think that this would have attracted a much larger population. Even the church itself was different than what I thought it would be like. I had expected a massive, fully restored site. But was surprised to see that the part of the church open for the service was relatively small due to the fact that the church was still clearly undergoing major restoration. Despite all of this, I still very much enjoyed the moving service at the site of the start of the Protestant movement 500 years ago.
As for the most impressive part of Wittenberg that I experienced, some of the items on display at the museum is what I found the most interesting. Among other things, some of the items I came across included the pedestal Luther stood on when delivering his sermons, as well as what was allegedly Luther’s last robe.

Auf Wiedersehen: Goodbye and Good Luck


I’m frightened by the coming end of this summer. In 24 hours, I will be forced to face my new realities: back to school, living off campus, and most especially living separate from my family.

During this summer, I was able to wistfully ignore these facts: the impending independence thrust upon me. But now, I have come to appreciate the qualities and quirks of travel, of faith, and of myself.

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The end is coming!

Germany has been amazing. The food, the sights, and the culture. I will surely miss a lot of things about living here as we return to the USA. These past few weeks have changed the way that I view a lot of topics in pop culture and in the news. My perspective of the world has grown on a scale that I did not even know existed before leaving and I am excited to apply this as a cultural discerner at Calvin this year.

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