Some Last Thoughts

I ate this massive plate of meat on one of our first group dinners.  It took me 3 hours and a lot motivation from our group for me to finish it. 

Just joking, I shared the meal with 5 other guys.  It also came with a bowl of fries and a bowl of green beans.  We cleaned every dish by the time we were done…except for the beans…sorry mom, the vegetables took a back seat to steak, sausage, chicken, pork, bacon, and fries.  Needless to say, I left that Bavarian restaurant with a happy tummy and ready for a nap.  The food here has been great.  I normally get a brat for lunch at Curry36, an Asian noodle box for 2.50 euro, or a delicious Döner by the Zoo.  Kinnah, I tried the McDonalds chicken sandwich here but I have to say, I prefer my brats 🙂 I’d also like to say I miss my balanced diets with fruits and veggies, but sorry, I don’t.  Bring on the grease, salt, and meat.
photo 1

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The second picture here is of the Köln Cathedral.  I posted it because every time I saw it on that day trip and every time I look at the picture now, it blows my mind at how big and magnificent it is.  I also had to take several pictures and back very far away from the Cathedral to fit it all in one picture. That city in itself was very fascinating to me.  A lot of “culture”, I guess, going on.  There were countless bachelor and bachelorette parties (doing quite a bit of drinking), our professor almost got pick pocketed, there was an interesting conspiracy theorist, and gypsies asking for money.  But the city was still so beautiful.  Hundreds of tourists were everywhere.  Families laughing, friends taking pictures,  languages other than just German and English being spoken.  And not to mention all the street music being played.  There was this amazing strings group performing on a corner that I believe Professor DeRooy even bought a CD from.  There was so much to see and do in this city that it was definitely one my favorites to visit.
photo 3
The last picture I posted was of the old site where Checkpoint Charlie was.  This was one of the most popular crossing points from east and west Berlin back when the wall was built.  I say “popular crossing points” but in reality, not many people were actually allowed to cross.  While being in Berlin and going through museums, it dawns on me how recent Germany’s history is.  Anyone over 30 years old remembers when the Berlin Wall was up.  And it was not just a “wall”.  It was a division of the city that left families separated and significantly poorer living conditions in the east.  The wall is also a site where so many people were shot and killed trying to cross from east to west.  I read this one story of a teenager trying to cross the wall by Checkpoint Charlie and was shot in the pelvis and fell into barbed wire.  Soldiers on both sides were too afraid to approach him in fear of provoking the other side.  So he laid there and bled for over an hour until he died.  In America, we learn of past wars and conflicts but in reality, most of these did not happen in our country.  Germany, roughly the size of Wisconsin, felt the physical affects of war in every city, town, and neighborhood.  Their history is not just made up in books, it’s made up in memories.  And that thought comes to mind often here.  Especially when I see someone over 80.  There lives seem so similar to ours today but I know that they have gone through so much more in their past.

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  1. What an amazing trip! Luvd your blog.
    Gpa played football for NATO Nations in Germany (and Europe) during the Korean conflict – remembers the beauty of Germany;s cities and country side and would love seeing it again. Thx for the postcard – I’ve filed it away for keeps.
    Luv u – stay safe!

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