Last Things

After an amazing six weeks of being in Berlin and other parts of Germany, we’re all back safe on campus. The long journey back gave me time to reflect on the time I’ve spent in Europe and prepared myself to answer a question that i would hear a lot over the next month or so: how was Germany?

My experience in Germany was truly once in a lifetime. I felt like we had an awesome group of kids on board and we all gelled nicely and because of that it made for a better experience. The class and the classwork was not as difficult as i expected it to me, and wasn’t overbearing so it made for less stress and helped us be able to experience Germany more. The Culture class we took at TU Berln was a good experience, taking a class enjoyed the trips around Berlin that we took in that class as well, and it gave us a deeper experience than the profs could offer. What i loved about the trip was the weekend excursions to different cities around Germany. I feel like without those, our experiences wouldn’t have been as complete. I enjoyed noticing the culture, fashion, and interactions that the people in Germany had, and compared a lot of it to what we do back in America.

I really enjoyed living in a completely different place than what i was used to. It was actually an easy adjustment, i though a lot of things in Berlin made more sense and worked better than in America actually. But since i’m back, i’m really glad to be home. I’m really glad that i had the opportunity to study in Germany this summer, and i hope that i’m able to visit again someday!

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