Elevator Speech

Well, there you have it. I spent a total of 6 weeks studying in a country where I learned and broadened my cultural perspectives at a level far greater than I ever expected, on top of successfully completing Engineering 202 with a very decent grade.

While having extreme pride in myself for all of this, I regard the events of this trip as a major turning point for me in terms of how I grew as a person. By being on this trip, I have felt more like an adult than I have ever had before, which stems from all the life skills I learned and implemented on this trip as well as learning how to step outside of my comfort zone exposing myself to things I have never experienced before.

The highlights? There were many, the first of which was just the thrill of knowing that I was a student in Europe if the first place. I am very proud knowing how positively this will affect my employment opportunities in the future, as having the TU Berlin on my resume would be huge in the eyes of my job interviewer.

Secondly,  learning about the city of Berlin through our cultural excursions in the German class and the weekend trips were definitely a very positive experience for me in that it allowed me to see daily life, culture, and history largely from the German perspective, which was sometimes very different from the way I learned about it or anticipated.

Lastly, the free week at the end when our classes ended allowed me an excellent opportunity for me to travel around greater continental Europe with my family. Besides Germany, I managed to visit a total of five other European countries where I briefly soaked up a bit of Scandinavian and eastern European culture and language. Being the first time I have traveled with my family outside of North America, we were able to develop a lot of happy memories traveling together along the way.

All in all, the engineering summer program in Germany has had a very positive influence on me as a person. I hope that this program will continue to bless future students who will go through it, and I hope to return to Germany again sometime soon.

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