Some last-last thoughts

Germany has truly been such a rewarding experience for me and one that I will never forget. The memories I made while in Berlin were so wonderful and the adventures I had the last week were unforgettable. Berlin is such a beautiful city. There are so many different people there and to be able to immerse myself into their culture was so valuable and that will be something I will take with me for the rest of my life. On top of the cultural experience, I leaned to have a new dedication to engineering that will continue to motivate me through the next few years of my life in college and after. I enjoyed every minute the class and the trip and it will forever be an irreplaceable experience I had.

Some of my favorite memories from the trip were the food (it was great), the day trips (Germany is just beautiful), and the people (go engineers!). I loved going into the “zoo” as we called it, and getting a Noodle Box at the Asian food stand or a bratwurst at Curry36. I still crave those foods now that I am home. Other favorite foods of mine were schnitzel, fried potatoes, and doners-Germans really know how to eat well. The most memorable day trip for me was Köln. I mentioned it in a previous blog post but that city is just so interesting. The cathedral, in my opinion, should be one of the man-made wonders of the world. It is just so massive. And then it was so tourist-y. So many different people crowded all around the courtyard surrounding the cathedral that it made the city so different and lively. I also grew so much closer to my classmates. Coming back to Calvin, I loved going into classes and quoting funny memories that happened on the trip with others who had gone on it. It makes my classes so much more enriching to know the students on a deeper level and to have shared such a rewarding experience with them.

Finally, the last week was amazing. It was so great to travel around Germany and the Czech Republic with six of my classmates and see more cities and create more memories for the trip. We went to Frankfurt, Freiburg, Münich, and Prague and each city was my favorite. I loved seeing the old and new parts of Frankfurt, the Black Forest of Freiburg, the city life of Münich, and the beautiful city of Prague. It was all so amazing. That word does not do it justice to how wonderful it all truly was. Prague was definitely an experience. None of us knew any Czech or anything about the city but that made it all more of an adventure. Our hostel ended up being on this beautiful cobblestone, uphill street that laid right beneath the Castle in Prague which overlooked the rest of the city.  It was gorgeous to say the least.

To sum it up, if it wasn’t clear enough, I loved every minute of this trip. I now have memories that will last a lifetime of adventures that were made in Germany. Thank you to all the Professors that coordinated and helped make this trip possible. Calvin has a great program in both study abroad trips and engineering.

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