See Ross Go

There has been a lot to see in Germany these past few weeks, and I took it upon myself to take a picture of every single thing my eyes have had the pleasure to view. Literally. I’ve taken over 600 pictures ranging from amazing castles to some rocks on the ground that I thought looked kind of cool. Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer, and I’ve just amassed a large pile of mediocre shots of some pretty interesting things. I wish I could’ve been in the shots to make them a bit more eye-pleasing, but I don’t really do “selfies”. So instead, I’ve got the next best thing, my best buddy Ross will be making a special appearance in these pictures (permission granted by him of course). So, let’s see where Ross will go! Continue reading See Ross Go

Greetings from Berlin

I am sorry about the lack of posts on the blog this week.  We had a great time last weekend on our trip to Heildeberg, Koblenz and Koln.  Professor Neilsen was able to catch up with the group in Heildeberg.

When we arrived back in Berlin on Sunday night we were informed that someone broke into my hotel room and took a few items.  Everyone is okay and the person only took items from my room – none of the student’s items were touched.

This week, the students started the second half of the engineereing course (dynamics) with Prof Neilsen teaching.  I will be here in Berlin until Tuesday.

This weekend we hope to go to Bremen on Friday and Wittenberg on Sunday – to worship in Martin Luther’s church.

Prof De Rooy

Sachsenhausen: The Triangle of Death

The past 2 weeks in Germany have been incredibly eye opening for me. I am very blessed to be in a country full of great people, food,  beer and culture. It is also full of a dark past that continues to affect people all around the world: The Holocaust.

Last week I was able to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp with my fellow students. I did not know what to expect because I was unsure if I should be excited about going because it was such a horrifying place where many people died. I had mixed feelings about the trip for all the right reasons. Upon arrival to the Camp site, Continue reading Sachsenhausen: The Triangle of Death

A Symbol of WWII

Throughout my life I have been really interested in World War 2. Naturally, I was excited to finally get the opportunity to visit sites like the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. If you are not familiar with Sachsenhausen, as I was not prior to this trip, it is a small concentration camp located near Oranienburg, Germany which is roughly an hour train ride from Berlin. Part of what makes Sachsenhausen so unique is that it was occupied both by the Nazis during WWII, and the Russians after WWII. Another thing that adds to this camps uniqueness is that it was designed by an engineer; it was the “standard” camp for the Germans, and they were very proud of their design. After the Russian occupation, the camp was turned into a memorial. Continue reading A Symbol of WWII

Update from Koln

greetings from Koln.  Prof Nielsen finally connected with our group in Heidelberg this morning around 1:30am.  He missed our tour of the Heidelberg castle yesterday.  This morning we all took  the train to Koblenz  and spent the day touring the town.  We just arrived in Koln where it is windy and around 52 degrees.

When we get back to Berlin, we will post more.


prof De Rooy

Prayer requests

All is well here in Berlin.  This morning the students are finishing up their second test.  It is sunny and around 75 degrees.  This afternoon we are going as a group to Check Point Charlie.

We had a student lose his wallet on the bus this past week.  He found out yesterday that it is now in the official BVG lost and found.  He hopes to pick it up this afternoon.  🙂

Prof Nielsen is traveling to connect with the group.  However after a long 4 hour wait on the tarmac in Chicago, the flight was cancelled. He was able to book another flight which has him arriving one day later than we expected.  This delay will cause some logistic changes to our weekend trip to Heidelberg.

Please pray first giving thanks that things have gone so smoothly and that we are really Blessed.  Also pray that Prof Nielsen will have a safe trip to Germany and that there will be no further delays.


Prof De Rooy