Das Finale

How was Germany?

After many days of traveling and weeks of strenuous classes, tests, and homework …the Germany 2015 trip is coming to a conclusion. This has not been my first time out of the country but is probably the most memorable trip I have ever had. It was amazing to experience the group coming closer together every day while on the trip. We would all play card games together and run around playing soccer after tests but also have deep and meaningful conversations that would enhance our friendships with each other. Germany as a whole was quite an experience. Classes were hard but we all learned a lot. Weekend trips were sometimes tiring but also very impactful. We definitely packed as much as we could into every day and week. It was really fun to get to know the professors throughout the trip. They had stories for everything and would even perform jokes for us at group dinners. They really did a fantastic job in leading our group and keeping us safe. Although I will miss Berlin in all of its beauty, I am extremely excited to go home and enjoy free water and free bathrooms and american food. The Lord has definitely watched over us and kept us safe. I am very blessed to have been apart of this surreal adventure. Until next time Berlin.

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  1. Students and Professors, you all are in my ‘travelers’ prayers
    that God gives you a safe trip home and….a good school year
    at Calvin. God bless you all. Evelyn Heinz

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