Wie war Deutschland? “Uh… Es war gut…”

Germany was better than good actually.  It was so much fun! Honestly I was a little undetermined on how I felt going to a foreign country with people I didn’t really know, especially have only been being at Calvin for one semester(this past spring semester).  I thought many people on the trip would know each other already.  

Little did I know not everyone knew each other in the beginning.  Making so many different friends on this trip was probably the best part.  Exploring the cities with friends and getting to know them while also experiencing a new continent with them is something I’ll never forget.

Meeting new people was great but also seeing the different cities and what they had to offer was so cool too.  Arriving in Berlin the first day was so new to me.  Looking out the window of the plane you see how huge Berlin is and you see the totally different styles of buildings and rooftops there.  Berlin was such a fun city. There was always something to see or do or shop at.  It made your money go fast.  The one thing many of us spent a lot on was our food.  Deciding whether to save money and live off PB&J or go out to eat everyday was something everyone had to decide.  The food in Germany was really good. Some of the food was strange and personally I didn’t care for the breakfast of salami and bread every morning.  My favorite was the Oriental Snack place because the durum kebab.  It’s basically the closest thing you can get to Chipotle in Europe.

Nothing beats American food though.  Especially free water and free refills. The first thing I ate in America was a cheeseburger and the second was 2 burritos.  In Europe there are no free refills or free glasses of water.  Service at restaurants is probably the only thing I would complain about the trip, but that’s just culture differences.

Taking so many pictures was fun because I now can look back on my trip and I have all these memories of buildings and sites saved for me to always look back on.  My favorite thing I saw was the Koln Cathedral because it was so big and possibly the concentration camp because of the historical significance.  The thing that I loved doing the most was going to Hamburg with Alex Casey Mitch and Oscar.  Oscar’s uncle who lived in Hamburg took us around the city and then at the end of the day treated us to food at his restaurant.  Pasta, pasta, pasta, clams, shrimp, salmon, calamari, more fish, cake, salad, wine were all on the menu for us that he brought us all for free.  It maybe the best meal I’ve ever had. The last week was so much fun, I traveled to Amsterdam Hamburg and Copenhagen.  Seeing those three cities was amazing along with staying in Berlin. I’m so happy I did this trip especially after the beginning when I didn’t know how to feel.

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