A Day in Bremen

Bremen was a city that seemed to move slowly. The people there were in no rush to get anywhere or do anything quickly. It struck me as an old people town, with many kick-knacks to buy and open air restaurants to dine at. We had an interesting cultural encounter at a restaurant there. Neither I nor those I was eating with were aware that you pay a different price for your food if you want to sit at a table. Things did get a little tense when the meal cost more than we thought and the waiter could not communicate why.

But that encounter aside I did enjoy the city very much. Because it was not a tourist city souvenirs were inexpensive and the city was rich with history and stories. There were multiple colorful statues which were only embellished by Professor Neilson’s stories. It was here that i got to enjoy my first German public restroom. I was surprised that it was entirely automated and that it had music. My final impression of Bremen is that it would be a great city to retire in.

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