An Unexpected Adventure

This summer in Germany was full of many experiences. It is a handful and often fun to look back on. I often find myself thinking ” Wow, did that really happen?” The trip was awesome. I am not underselling it either. If there is anyone out there reading this who is planning to go on this trip or just abroad in general, I highly recommend that you do it. Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and it will be worth it. When someone asks me about my trip and says “So how was it?” usually my first response is ” Oh, it was great!” After I say this I begin to dissect parts of my trip and explain stories. My go to is the one where I was in Hamburg. Being in Hamburg was a treat. I visited the city with 4 other friends in which one had an uncle there. His uncle was the coolest guy: he showed us around the city, brought us to a historical church and to the top of it, showed us the main port of the city, and brought us to his five star restaurant. It was the best meal I have ever had and I was thankful for his uncle hospitality because it made the stay in Hamburg ten times better. Our hotel was pretty sweet too and had a lot of cool places to eat and shop. People often ask me about my time in Berlin. Now Berlin was my favorite city. There was so much to do and see but it is all spread out. Good thing we had 6 weeks to explore. One of my favorite days in Berlin was the day a few of us rented bikes and biked throughout the whole city for 6 hours. It was incredible. It was toward the end of the trip too which made it even better because it was most likely the last time we would see everything before we left. We biked throughout the Tier Garten, over to the Eastside Gallery where we made our way to the Berliner dom and the Radio Tower and then to the Brandenburg Gate and etc. Overall, it was a great day. Perfect weather too. We even saw the capital building and rode along side a canal. These are only 2 of the events that I experienced on the trip but take a lot of explaining. Most people who know me know that I tend to be very detailed when it comes to stories and often take awhile to get to the point but I guess the details are what make the story good because if they were not worth remembering then I would have forgot. Anyway, I really enjoyed my time in Germany and hope to travel back soon. I was happy to experience it with my two professors and my 29 other classmates. It has been quite the 6 weeks. Berlin felt like home after a while and it was hard to leave but good to be back home too. A part of me will always be in Germany. Thank you Classmates and Professor for making such a good trip. I will cherish it forever.


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