Germany in pictures


This picture was taken on my birthday. It was quite an experience to celebrate my birthday in Germany. Prior to this trip, I had never imagined that someday I would spend my birthday in Germany. For me, it wasn’t just a day to mark another year of growth in my life. I was truly happy: happy for the fact that God had been so gracious and had ordered my footsteps all the way to Germany. Happy because I had the privilege to tour and see beautiful places. Lastly, I was happy because I had good friends to share the moment with.


Moreover, the journey wouldn’t have been much fun without all the unique people I was privileged to travel with. Studying, playing soccer, eating good food, taking pictures and traveling, all contributed to the beautiful experience. Although this picture doesn’t capture the entire class I am truly grateful that for the short stay I could be a part of the lives and memories of everyone on this trip.

Finally, I am going to miss the food in Germany. In my opinion, the food was similar to what I have at home, Ghana. I love spicy food a lot and so I was very delighted whenever we could visit a German restaurant where I could find something close to a Ghanaian dish.





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