A WakeUp Call to a New Culture

“How does it feel to be home?” That is the most often question I am asked, and the best word to describe being back in the states is “weird.” Although we were only in Germany for six weeks, it felt like home as soon as my feet touched the German soil. The culture was fantastic and the food was delicious. I tell people that I can honestly see myself living there down the road, but it depends on what the Lord has planned. The culture was fantastic and the food was delicious.

The best part about Europe, especially Germany, was the change in culture. It was refreshing to see a culture with real interest in the conversation at hand rather than the message on their phone. On bus rides the Germans typically sat and enjoyed the scenery or read a book, where here in the United States we are engrossed in our gadgets 24/7, missing the beauty around us. The architecture, so intricate and well done, beautified the city of Berlin. Each city from Berlin over to Koln, down to Munchen and up to Bremen had architecture and design specific to that city. The backdrop to many of those cities seemed as if God used watercolor as his medium to create the masterpiece of beautiful rivers, hillsides filled with vineyards and vibrant green plants.

Another note about the culture, we attended a new church or cathedral almost every Sunday. It broke my heart to see the lack of people in those churches. You would think that with all the grandiose churches all over Germany that the people would flock to worship in them. However, when we went into the churches, the pews were nearly empty and the people who were in attendance were typically tourists. Not only is it visible in the churches that Christ is seemingly obsolete in Germany, but also when you walk down the street and talk to individuals about the subject, it is clear that God is almost extinct in that country. Not only in Germany was it like this, but also in Italy. It made me realize that the United States is starting to follow some of the same noticeable patterns of a country that is beginning to forget the Creator and cornerstone to what made America great.

Furthermore, on a happier note, the food was delicious. I am a meat lover. Nothing goes better with meet than potatoes either, so the typical German meal for me was eccentric. With such a broad range of pork sausages, turkey sausages, and pork knuckles, I tried something new every meal possible. While trying new foods, my eyes were opened to the wide ranges of meats and potatoes that made my mouth water nearly every time before I even had a bite.

All in all, Germany is a wonderful country and Berlin gives off a small city feel while actually being in one of the largest cities in Europe. The people want to get to know you on a much deeper level, the scenery is beautiful, and the food is delicious. Germany and Italy was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, however, I hope to one day go back.

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