My Germany experience in a few words

My  adventure in Germany has just ended. These six weeks came by very quickly. I still remember the excitement that soared in me the first day I got to Germany. It was my first time in Europe and it was an awesome feeling. I found Germany to be a place that contained a wealth of history. Every place we walked or visited had something peculiar and it was simply beautiful. We toured lots of places but my favorites sites were the East side Gallery and the Heidelberg Castle.

Before, I came on this trip I had some misconceptions about Germany but as the days passed by, they faded away. I realized that the Germans are very nice people. Though they are a bit reserved they respect other people and act fairly.

Every part of this journey has been awesome. I am truly going to miss the bratwurst, doner and all the other Turkish foods. Furthermore I learnt so much from this trip. My take from  Germany is not to take mine freedom for granted. Also, I am more reminded that God is beautiful. The diversity in culture, people, food is just breathtaking!


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