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We stepped out of the train station in Köln to a merciless wind and patchy grey sky. I think the wind was what stopped me from recognizing the cathedral right away. I grabbed my hat and ducked my head into the wind while walking forward to an ancient looking building. I looked up to examine the obsidian like edges and crevices of black sand stone and was suddenly looking more than 500 feet in the air past the surrounding high rises of glass and steal to the Gothic bell tower looming above me. I don’t think I’ll forget that. Continue reading Soot


I remember walking up to a field of short rectangular barriers that undulated like a wave before me. In a few moments we found out that this was in fact the holocaust memorial, and we were looking at a field of plain cement coffin like structures that each represented some 6,000 murdered victims of the holocaust.   Continue reading Survivors

A New World

I heard about this summer program before I was even a student at Calvin. I was looking into a bunch of schools and deciding which ones to apply to and this trip caught my eye. I ended up being among the many reasons I decided to go to Calvin. I didn’t come to Calvin to go on this trip, though from the moment I heard abut it I knew I wanted to. This program drew me to Calvin because it shows clearly the emphasis that this institution places on diversity and experiential learning.   Continue reading A New World