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More Than a Trip

Being my second time actually leaving the United States, I was stoked to be able to go to Germany, but I had not anticipated what I was about to experience. It was more than just a vacation, even though I got to laze around and not do work and had a lot of fun doing so. It was more than just a class, even though I learned a lot about trusses, forces, and springs. This is the first trip I have ever had where I felt like I was actively engaging in another culture. It felt like one giant lesson on German life from the day we got there to the day we left, and a challenging one at that. Nothing came to us right away, we all had to experience it before we could learn from it. It took me a while before I realized that I had to take a water bottle everywhere I went, to use the bathrooms where they were still free, and to not become as dependent on soft drinks.¬†Although it was a pain at times to get used to the new culture, it was all the more rewarding when we were able to apply the things we learned. Being apart of the culture allowed me to better appreciate the history and the historical sites we visited. This trip was an experience that I couldn’t have attained from any German class or museum, and I am more than grateful for being able to go on this adventure.

The Bremen Town Tourists

There are a lot of big attractions in Germany that draw a tourist’s attention away from some of the smaller things that are worth a visit. When compared to the Olympic Stadiums, the gigantic citadels, castles and cathedrals, or the hundreds of currywurst stands located everywhere, it’s easy for the smaller cities and towns to get buried under Germany’s big tourist traps. So that’s why I enjoyed our small visit to a small section of a town called Bremen.

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See Ross Go

There has been a lot to see in Germany these past few weeks, and I took it upon myself to take a picture of every single thing my eyes have had the pleasure to view. Literally. I’ve taken over 600 pictures ranging from amazing castles to some rocks on the ground that I thought looked kind of cool. Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer, and I’ve just amassed a large pile of mediocre shots of some pretty interesting things. I wish I could’ve been in the shots to make them a bit more eye-pleasing, but I don’t really do “selfies”. So instead, I’ve got the next best thing, my best buddy Ross will be making a special appearance in these pictures (permission granted by him of course). So, let’s see where Ross will go! Continue reading See Ross Go