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Reflections on Bremen (a few weeks later)

It was a hard decision, but I decided that the group trip to Bremen was my favorite weekend trip that we took here in Germany. There was something really simple and beautiful about the small town that I just loved. It wasn’t as much of a touristy place, and I felt like the trip to Bremen gave me a breath of fresh air of pure exploration. Maybe that’s why I didn’t ever feel the need to take out a camera out and put my tourist pants on.

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One Week Later

It only takes one slightly conversation-prone German to shatter my illusion of being a part of the everyday Berlin crowd. After one week of staying in Berlin, the fear of getting hopelessly lost has passed and has now been replaced with a fear of being seen as a tourist. It’s funny: I’m completely aware that I really am a newbie here in Berlin, while at the same time having this deep hope that someone is going to mistake me for one of them. It seems strangely attainable to be Ein Typish Berliner, a typical Berliner. When it comes down to it, I’m just a kid who freezes when someone asks me what type of sauce I want on my wrap. Continue reading One Week Later