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An Unexpected Adventure

This summer in Germany was full of many experiences. It is a handful and often fun to look back on. I often find myself thinking ” Wow, did that really happen?” The trip was awesome. I am not underselling it either. If there is anyone out there reading this who is planning to go on this trip or just abroad in general, I highly recommend that you do it. Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and it will be worth it. When someone asks me about my trip and says “So how was it?” usually my first response is ” Oh, it was great!” After I say this I begin to dissect parts of my trip and explain stories. My go to is the one where I was in Hamburg. Being in Hamburg was a treat. I visited the city with 4 other friends in which one had an uncle there. His uncle was the coolest guy: he showed us around the city, brought us to a historical church and to the top of it, showed us the main port of the city, and brought us to his five star restaurant. It was the best meal I have ever had and I was thankful for his uncle hospitality because Continue reading An Unexpected Adventure

Pictures from Germany

IMG_0907[1] IMG_1086[1]IMG_0776[1]

These three pictures are just a taste of some of the few places we visited. First, The one with me cheesin with the big building in the background is the Cologne Cathedral. That was unreal. It was one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen because of the amount of design and artwork that went into it. It looked even better at night all lit up, and this just happens to be that. Second, I can be seen standing in between multiple large stone blocks. This is in Berlin at the Holocaust Museum and is a monument for many victims. It was a good experience but very saddening to hear and read many of the stories in the museum. This came before the concentration camp which prepared us more for Sachsenhausen. Lastly, the picture of the bridge is of the entrance bridge to the city of Heidelberg. This was a very beautiful city and very touristy. While standing on the bridge, one can see the main gate and the Heidelberg Castle that now stands in ruins, which we visited also that day.

Germany’s Cologne

Over the few weekends that we have in Germany, we often travel to other cities inside Germany. My favorite one was visiting Cologne (Koln). The Cathedral was like nothing I have ever seen. It looked like a huge painting when you we were standing far away. The artwork and design on the Cathedral was incredible. At night is when it was the most appealing though as it was all lit up. When we arrived to the Cathedral for the first time, I heard that we were going to be worshiping there Sunday morning. I was pretty excited because it was an actual Church service in the Cathedral. But little did I know, Continue reading Germany’s Cologne

Sachsenhausen: The Triangle of Death

The past 2 weeks in Germany have been incredibly eye opening for me. I am very blessed to be in a country full of great people, food,  beer and culture. It is also full of a dark past that continues to affect people all around the world: The Holocaust.

Last week I was able to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp with my fellow students. I did not know what to expect because I was unsure if I should be excited about going because it was such a horrifying place where many people died. I had mixed feelings about the trip for all the right reasons. Upon arrival to the Camp site, Continue reading Sachsenhausen: The Triangle of Death