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My Germany experience in a few words

My  adventure in Germany has just ended. These six weeks came by very quickly. I still remember the excitement that soared in me the first day I got to Germany. It was my first time in Europe and it was an awesome feeling. I found Germany to be a place that contained a wealth of history. Every place we walked or visited had something peculiar and it was simply beautiful. We toured lots of places but my favorites sites were the East side Gallery and the Heidelberg Castle. Continue reading My Germany experience in a few words

Germany in pictures


This picture was taken on my birthday. It was quite an experience to celebrate my birthday in Germany. Prior to this trip, I had never imagined that someday I would spend my birthday in Germany. For me, it wasn’t just a day to mark another year of growth in my life. I was truly happy: happy for the fact that God had been so gracious and had ordered my footsteps all the way to Germany. Happy because I had the privilege to tour and see beautiful places. Lastly, I was happy because I had good friends to share the moment with. Continue reading Germany in pictures

Travel to Germany

I am glad that I could partake in this trip. My joy stems from the fact that I get to be in Europe for the first time with some of my very close friends. As an international student, in the US, I have been exposed to so many new cultural elements which I find interesting. I am even more excited for this trip because I get to experience an entirely different culture. Besides this wonderful experience that awaits me, i hope to strengthen and build new friendship bonds. I tend to be extremely funny and so I wish to put smiles on people’s faces. I ask for grace and protection throughout our stay and I pray everyone has a great time.

In Berlin

This past week in Germany has been an entirely new experience for me. The first day I got here, I walked for almost the entire day. I don’t remember the last time I walked that much but it was partly because the bus schedule stopped working as a result of a protest on the road. From my observation, the people here are kind in nature. On our first night, I remember the receptionist at our place of stay served my friends and I a plate of sweet watermelon. We were all amazed when he stopped by with the melon nevertheless we thanked him and enjoyed it.

Continue reading In Berlin

A reminder of what to guard in life.

I woke up not knowing what to expect from our upcoming visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. Upon arrival at the main entrance of the camp, I could sense already the grief the place had caused thousands of people who were confined within it walls some time past. The atmosphere was heavy and I felt like I had been wrapped in a thick blanket of sadness. As I made my way to the various sections, I was very keen on gleaning as much information as I could. In the past, I read a lot on the WWll and the fact of being at one of the camps, which existed around that era made the history so real. Continue reading A reminder of what to guard in life.