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Germany in pictures


This picture was taken on my birthday. It was quite an experience to celebrate my birthday in Germany. Prior to this trip, I had never imagined that someday I would spend my birthday in Germany. For me, it wasn’t just a day to mark another year of growth in my life. I was truly happy: happy for the fact that God had been so gracious and had ordered my footsteps all the way to Germany. Happy because I had the privilege to tour and see beautiful places. Lastly, I was happy because I had good friends to share the moment with. Continue reading Germany in pictures

Pictures from Germany

IMG_0907[1] IMG_1086[1]IMG_0776[1]

These three pictures are just a taste of some of the few places we visited. First, The one with me cheesin with the big building in the background is the Cologne Cathedral. That was unreal. It was one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen because of the amount of design and artwork that went into it. It looked even better at night all lit up, and this just happens to be that. Second, I can be seen standing in between multiple large stone blocks. This is in Berlin at the Holocaust Museum and is a monument for many victims. It was a good experience but very saddening to hear and read many of the stories in the museum. This came before the concentration camp which prepared us more for Sachsenhausen. Lastly, the picture of the bridge is of the entrance bridge to the city of Heidelberg. This was a very beautiful city and very touristy. While standing on the bridge, one can see the main gate and the Heidelberg Castle that now stands in ruins, which we visited also that day.

what is like ?

I really enjoy all the different weekend trips that we as a group did. It was interesting to see the different beautiful places in the country of Germany. During the 5 weeks that I stayed in Germany, the neighborhood of Saint Michaels Heim was like home for me. After a long weekend trip it was always good to come back and feel comfortable in this neighborhood. We as a group knew all the places near by to eat or even to do laundry. It was always good to come back and get a curry wurst of Halensee or the classic Doner of the oriental place. It was also beautiful to just walk around the beautiful neighborhood of Saint Michaels Heim since Berlin had the perfect weather to enjoy the day walking around. This different pictures show just a little of this wonderful place.


IMG_0850IMG_0846 IMG_0878

Last Week





Here are some photos from our last week of free travel. I was with the group that traveled to Munich and Innsbruck.

This photo is of the Alps as we approached them on our way to Fussen. It was stunning to see the mountains slowly creep up from the horizon.


This is of the Neuschwanstein Castle, we visited it while in Fussen.100_0888

The lakes in Fussen were incredible. The entire body of water was perfectly clear, The picturesque idea of a lake.


In Innsbruck we went hiking and was able to catch a cable car to the peaks. This is a photo of my traveling companions eating lunch and gazing at the stunning view of the mountains.100_0965


The last full day in Berlin ended at a soccer game in the Berlin olympic arena. The score ended as a tie, but it was great to see a professional game in person.




German food is excellent! Most of it is not too much different from American food, however there are some really major differences.

Let me start with the German breakfast. 
German breakfast consists of bread rolls, cold cuts of meat, and sometimes fruits. This was really strange for me as I am accustomed to big breakfasts with eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage: not cold cuts of meat and a roll.
With that being said, by the end of the trip I did really appreciate the German. It is German culture to eat a small breakfast, a very large lunch, and a small dinner. This picture is actually the very last breakfast that we had at St. Michael’s Heim.


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