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A Day in Bremen

Bremen was a city that seemed to move slowly. The people there were in no rush to get anywhere or do anything quickly. It struck me as an old people town, with many kick-knacks to buy and open air restaurants to dine at. We had an interesting cultural encounter at a restaurant there. Neither I nor those I was eating with were aware that you pay a different price for your food if you want to sit at a table. Things did get a little tense when the meal cost more than we thought and the waiter could not communicate why.

But that encounter aside I did enjoy the city very much. Because it was not a tourist city souvenirs were inexpensive and the city was rich with history and stories. There were multiple colorful statues which were only embellished by Professor Neilson’s stories. It was here that i got to enjoy my first German public restroom. I was surprised that it was entirely automated and that it had music. My final impression of Bremen is that it would be a great city to retire in.


Bremen was a city were personally had a lot of fun. I was very excited to visit Bremen since I heard Bremen is the third most popular City in Germany. What I love about this city is that it has a lot of History and Culture. It was interesting to hear professor Nielsen tell us the story of the musicians. It was also interesting to see the water canals that this city had. I was very surprised when I realized that this city had a lot of factories along the canals. Another unique fact about Bremen that I found interesting it was that Bremen is a high-tech location with more than 350 high-tech companies in its Technology Park,  a prime example of science and business working hand in hand. I loved the mixture of a lot of History in the city and also the amount of entrepreneurship in this city.

I could personally say that this city is one of my favorite city and now I understand why Calvin College had the summer program in Bremen.


Where am I?

Am I really in Germany? You’d think after five weeks the fact would have sunk in by now, but it hasn’t. The only tell tale sign that I really am in Germany is all the people speaking German. One of my favorite cities that helped me realize that I wasn’t in the States was Bremen. I enjoy architecture very much, and the buildings in Bremen were amazing. The church was more colorful than any we had seen so far and it had complex ribbed vaulted ceilings. The streets in the old part of town were my favorite. The buildings were thin and squished together but cute with flower boxes below the windows.  There were skinny alley ways to weave through and small craft stores. It was a great adventure. Speaking of adventures, a few of us found a restaurant serving pancakes on a pirate ship in the harbor. Who knew? What a blast! Bremen was a great city that helped me realize I wasn’t in America anymore.

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Reflections on Bremen (a few weeks later)

It was a hard decision, but I decided that the group trip to Bremen was my favorite weekend trip that we took here in Germany. There was something really simple and beautiful about the small town that I just loved. It wasn’t as much of a touristy place, and I felt like the trip to Bremen gave me a breath of fresh air of pure exploration. Maybe that’s why I didn’t ever feel the need to take out a camera out and put my tourist pants on.

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Die Wittenberger Kirche (The Wittenberg Church)

The expectation and curiosity for the Wittenberg Church service was huge. The group arrived a bit late to the church because of a delayed train and found that the church doors were shut and the service had started. Professor DeRoy had a novel idea to knock on the front doors of the church to see if anyone would answer. Martin Luther probably did something of the same sort when posting the 95 theses a couple hundred years ago. Anyway, one of the ushers answered the door and after telling us we were late, beckoned us into the church. Some of us were able to sit in chairs and the others sat on the ground. The service itself was nothing too special. There was the usual standing up and sitting down for hymns with communion at the end where the pastor would offer us bread and wine. Continue reading Die Wittenberger Kirche (The Wittenberg Church)

The Bremen Town Tourists

There are a lot of big attractions in Germany that draw a tourist’s attention away from some of the smaller things that are worth a visit. When compared to the Olympic Stadiums, the gigantic citadels, castles and cathedrals, or the hundreds of currywurst stands located everywhere, it’s easy for the smaller cities and towns to get buried under Germany’s big tourist traps. So that’s why I enjoyed our small visit to a small section of a town called Bremen.

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