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My Germany experience in a few words

My  adventure in Germany has just ended. These six weeks came by very quickly. I still remember the excitement that soared in me the first day I got to Germany. It was my first time in Europe and it was an awesome feeling. I found Germany to be a place that contained a wealth of history. Every place we walked or visited had something peculiar and it was simply beautiful. We toured lots of places but my favorites sites were the East side Gallery and the Heidelberg Castle. Continue reading My Germany experience in a few words

An Unexpected Adventure

This summer in Germany was full of many experiences. It is a handful and often fun to look back on. I often find myself thinking ” Wow, did that really happen?” The trip was awesome. I am not underselling it either. If there is anyone out there reading this who is planning to go on this trip or just abroad in general, I highly recommend that you do it. Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and it will be worth it. When someone asks me about my trip and says “So how was it?” usually my first response is ” Oh, it was great!” After I say this I begin to dissect parts of my trip and explain stories. My go to is the one where I was in Hamburg. Being in Hamburg was a treat. I visited the city with 4 other friends in which one had an uncle there. His uncle was the coolest guy: he showed us around the city, brought us to a historical church and to the top of it, showed us the main port of the city, and brought us to his five star restaurant. It was the best meal I have ever had and I was thankful for his uncle hospitality because Continue reading An Unexpected Adventure

More Than a Trip

Being my second time actually leaving the United States, I was stoked to be able to go to Germany, but I had not anticipated what I was about to experience. It was more than just a vacation, even though I got to laze around and not do work and had a lot of fun doing so. It was more than just a class, even though I learned a lot about trusses, forces, and springs. This is the first trip I have ever had where I felt like I was actively engaging in another culture. It felt like one giant lesson on German life from the day we got there to the day we left, and a challenging one at that. Nothing came to us right away, we all had to experience it before we could learn from it. It took me a while before I realized that I had to take a water bottle everywhere I went, to use the bathrooms where they were still free, and to not become as dependent on soft drinks. Although it was a pain at times to get used to the new culture, it was all the more rewarding when we were able to apply the things we learned. Being apart of the culture allowed me to better appreciate the history and the historical sites we visited. This trip was an experience that I couldn’t have attained from any German class or museum, and I am more than grateful for being able to go on this adventure.


Germany was awesome! (Everything is Awesome – Lego Movie)

It’s probably because I was part of a team. (I should stop this)

The Engineering class we took was demanding but great, our German professor was very cool, the boat tours in Bremen and Lübeck were exciting, getting to know 29 other Calvin students and 2 professors  (better) was worthwhile, and having international experience under my belt was a blessing I am grateful for. History was no more a textbook journey in Germany; I could see it, touch it, and sometimes smell it. I would love to go back some time soon.


The Adventure

In a word, Germany was an Adventure. There have been a lot of firsts for me over this trip; most notably of which is flying. I was able to be out of the U.S. and see buildings and cultures that before I only saw in pictures. I could touch the stones of the Cologne Cathedral, Berlin Dom, Neuschwanstein castle, and so many other stunning age old constructs. The food was so vastly different, I’m going to miss not having those options so close by. The opportunity the public transportation system provided especially got me attuned to ‘hitting the town.’ Now that I’m back home It feels like the trip was so long ago. Despite how long it may be I will never forget the adventure. Whenever I see a picture now of where i’ve been I always get a strange feeling, that the picture doesn’t give it justice,
being there is so much better.

Tschüss Germany (Bye Germany)

It is hard to imagine that 6 weeks went by so fast and as a group we have to return to the States just when Berlin was beginning to feel like home. I have had several friends who had previously gone on this trip narrate to me how awesome this trip was going to be. But nothing comes close to a personal experience.  Getting to know 29 other Engineers and knowing the professors better has been one of the several highlights of this trip.

The Engr. 202 summer program in Berlin provides a decent balance of academics as well as cultural integration. The German class was pretty helpful and the professors made a conscious effort in trying to make us understand the language even better.

As a group we visited 7 German cities and explored various sites of historical prominence. The architectural and engineering designs in some of these cities were mind blowing. I was particularly sad to miss out on climbing to the top of the Kölner Don; considering I had a fractured ankle and it was particularly difficult for me to move.

Now I am back in the States, although I sometimes miss Germany, I am glad to be back. It has been an amazing summer.