The Team

The Team


We are known as Team 03, Plastic Power.  We are three chemical engineering students from Calvin College.  From left to right: David Wierenga, Young Jae Jo, and Jacob Dornan.


David Wierenga:

David Wierenga is a chemical engineering student at Calvin College. He has three years of experience as a certified welder and pipe fitter serving the agricultural industry near his home in Central California. He also has two years of organic chemistry research experience, gained while working in the Calvin College Chemistry department. 

Young Jae Jo:

Young Jae is a chemical engineering student at Calvin College. He has had an internship in Boehringer-Ingelheim Co. KG, a pharmaceutical company, at the German headquarters during the summer of 2016 focusing on scale-up and process development. He enjoys traveling during his free time—most likely influenced by growing up in Korea, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Canada.

Jacob Dornan:

Jacob Dornan is Chemical Engineering student at Calvin College.  He has interned at two companies not far from his home in Rockford, MI.  Throughout 2015 he interned at Kellogg Company’s Grand Rapids Pop Tart plant and during the summer of 2016 at Amway Corporation world headquarters in Ada, MI.  He spends most of his free time invested in restoring his 1967 Jeep Super Wagoneer and woodworking with his father.