About the Team

The Perfect Stormwater team is a group of Calvin College students seeking to both cleanse the water flowing through Calvin’s campus and to improve the campus’ stormwater detention by implementing a daylighted stream in the campus core. This group is comprised of four Civil & Environmental Engineering majors:(from left) Ryan Roggie, David Kang, Travis Hanko, and Anna Camilleri.


Anna Camilleri

Anna Camilleri is from Grandville, Michigan and graduated from Grandville High School. She loves Michigan and the Great Lakes, and in her spare time she enjoys camping and hiking. Anna is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and has an interest in water quality and water resources engineering. After graduation she plans to pursue a job that can utilize her skills, preferably in storm water and wastewater management.







 Travis Hanko

Travis Hanko is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated from Covenant Christian High School. He has always lived in West Michigan, but enjoys adventure and travelling, especially to the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast. During his free time, he likes to play soccer, hockey, and board games. Travis is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. During his time at Calvin College, Travis has developed an interest for storm water management as well as traffic engineering. After graduating Travis plans to pursue a civil engineering job where he can pursue his interests.





David Kanggroup7-7

Ha Ram Kang is from South Korea, and he also goes by the name David Kang. David did not grow up in South Korea. He has lived in many different parts of Asia. David can speak and write in three languages: English, Korean, and Chinese. Currently, David is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Calvin College. He is interested in all of the focuses in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as long as the projects are related to sustainability. David plans to pursue an entry-level job in Michigan where he can utilize his engineering skills. 






Ryan Roggie

Ryan Roggie is from Erie, Pennsylvania and graduated from North East High School. He enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities such as, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and soccer. Ryan is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and has developed interest in water resources engineering as well as road design. He plans to pursue a job in the Midwest where he can utilize his skills, preferably in storm water and wastewater management or as a traffic engineer.