The Team’s first presentation established what the project was, its scope, and the design goals. Additionally, basic design solutions were expressed as well as how the team was going to proceed.

Presentation 1

The second presentation was an update on the design process, problems that the team overcame as well as problems that still need to be solved. Final design alternatives were elaborated on and future steps for the design process.

Presentation 2

Throughout the fall semester, a project feasibility┬ástudy was conducted. ┬áThe feasibility┬ástudy report describes in detail all findings regarding the project as well as describing the design alternatives. This feasibility report is a document that was required to be completed before the end of the fall semester for Calvin’s senior engineering design course.

PPFS Final

The third presentation was an update on the progress of the proposed design, problems the team still faced as well as those solved. The proposed design features were discussed and future steps for the team moving forward.

Presentation Three

The Final Presentation was an overview of the final design, obstacles overcome, and future design work that could be conducted for future senior design projects.


The Design Night presentation is a complete overview of the project, focusing on all the different features of the design.

Design Night Presentation

This Final report describes a feasibility study that was conducted by the team during the fall semester. It also lists and explains the benefits and drawbacks of the design alternatives considered for the final proposed design. Additionally, the report describes in detail all elements of the proposed daylighted stream including vegetation and how the design incorporates into Calvin’s Masterplan. Lastly, this design report was final requirement to be completed to complete Calvin College’s Senior Engineering capstone course.

Final Design Report