Ron Chatterjee – Ron is from Jos, Nigeria and is an avid soccer fan as well as a big car enthusiast. He is also passionate about sustainable systems and is excited to integrate that passion with his love for cars in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Ron is looking forward to working with his teammates on this important project that looks to pave the way forward for the future of automobile technology.

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John Lee – Johnny is looking to expand his understanding of sustainability in the context of mechanical engineering through this project. He’s excited to push his limits and work hard to learn a lot while exploring and building the vehicle. Johnny is glad to be on a team he can be proud to be a member of, and is anticipating building memories and skills that will last him a lifetime through this project.

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Jenny Haney – Jenny hails from Seattle, WA and when she is not contemplating the future of energy, she enjoys climbing mountains. She is extremely passionate about the all-encompassing concept of sustainable engineering so she is ecstatic to work on a team with Ron, Johnny, and Joel, tackling a project that grapples with the integration of mechanical design and harnessing efficiency.

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Joel Hoskins – Joel is very excited to take on a project of this grand of a scale. He looks forward to combining his interest in engine design and combustion with his experience in electronic systems and machining to design a prototype that will responsibly and efficiently handle resources.

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