Engaging Development in Cambodia  January 2016

This blog covers the learning adventure of the Calvin College interim class "Engaging Development in Cambodia" held during the month of January 2016.   Twenty-six students along with three professors had the privilege of connecting with various NGOs in Bangkok Thailand and various locations in Cambodia. You can find the default blog postings in reverse chronological order here. You can find the same blog postings in chronological order here. During the duration of the course, the students were asked to blog on various blog questions.  You can find a listing of the blog questions and links to the blog posts responding to the questions here. We have several blog posts that contain photos available to all here. Those that have taken the course have some private postings here. If you have any questions about this course or the partners that we have in Cambodia, please contact Prof. Leonard De Rooy at Calvin College.   Contents of this blog © copyright 2016 Calvin College