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During our time in Cambodia we got to see and meet many amazing people. We got to see some very cool features of Cambodia, but we also saw some very tough things to process. We got to help out when needed. The aspect of Cambodia that I thought was most incredible were the people. We would walk down the street and they would smile and wave. When we went to different places they were always very hospitable and always wanted to make sure we were comfortable. The Khmer people are so positive even with some rough circumstances, they are grateful for what they have and were very humble and kind. We met with the elderly in the slums of Bangkok and refugees looking to be resettled in a new home, in hope that they may worship God without their lives being in jeopardy. We got to play with kids who were not always sure they would get three meals a day and got to help out with work around the school. We had the opportunity to visit college students our own age, and were able to connect with them. We were able to teach them basketball, learn what they were studying, and go to church and worship the same God in two different languages. We visited NGOs that are trying to educate the people on farming, leadership, health, and God; trying to create a sustainable future for the Cambodian people. We heard first hand stories of the terrible things people had to go through during the Khmer Rouge and the killing fields. We could see a country that was crushed, but now slowly trying to catch up and get back on their feet. Also see Christianity grow in a country that is primarily Buddhist. We had the opportunity to travel a crossed most of Cambodia seeing the markets in Siem Reap, the Angkor Wat Temples, travel to Mondolkiri to see the jungle and a large waterfall hidden in it. After breaking down in the bus a few times we got to see the capital, Phnom Penh, and work with NGOs trying to help. We saw garment workers flood out of the factories after work. Then we had the opportunity to go to Takeo and see how farmers live and have changed the ways of raising animals. Also got out to Sre Ambel to see many rice fields and see how water is their biggest threat. Then we made it out to the Indian Ocean. The best thing is the people of Cambodia, and the people trying to help Cambodia, to see how it is rebounding after a genocide because people want to help and see Christianity grow in this amazing country. I will always look back on our trip and remember the kind hearted people of Cambodia, and the memories our group made there.

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