Goodbye Cambodia, Hello America

Many aspects of Cambodia reminded me of time spent in Mexico or Peru. People that were different from me, yet the same. A different lifestyle and value system than I was used to. During this trip we looked at the development in Cambodia (and Thailand). Cambodia has a unique history  in that less than 50 years ago the country faced a large holocaust followed by famine. Almost all the people with any knowledge were wiped out. Thus, Cambodia is trying to rebuild its government, education system, healthcare, and food security. Continue reading "Goodbye Cambodia, Hello America"

Final Reflections

My adventures in Southeast Asia have ended.  I'm now situated in my dorm room anxiously waiting to start classing. The feeling is quite surreal.  I truly will miss Cambodia.  I will remember staring into the eyes of young malnourished children that seemed to glisten with something that I don't have.  I will miss all the times engaging how God's working in Cambodia.  I will also miss the great conversations within our amazing interim group. Continue reading "Final Reflections"