Through a Lens

Here are a few pictures and summaries about what we learned during the last week of our course. Cheoung Ek Killing Field
Skulls of some of the victims killed at Choeung Ek.
We spent half a day visiting a place where around 20,000 were murdered. We were able to learn a bit of the history of the Khmer Rouge genocide, hear recorded stories of survivors, and learn of the ways people were killed. One of the most disturbing things I learned about was the Magic Tree. Here, giant speakers were blaring the sounds of music to drown out the sound of people being killed. "These were the last sounds the victims ever heard." Continue reading "Through a Lens"

Good Development – IDE

As we traveled across Cambodia we looked at different forms of development, and were asked to look at specific aspects to better judge them. With all of the examples we looked at one sticks out as good, successful development. We looked at IDE and how they are transforming farms to be efficient, high output and beneficial to the farmer. Continue reading "Good Development – IDE"

Things I’ve Learned Through the Window

This trip has involved a lot of travel, primarily by bus or van.  Travelling throughout Thailand and Cambodia, I have often found myself gazing out the window, admiring the landscapes and observing the people.  Through this, and through posing various questions to the professors, I have been able to learn a lot about the lands and cultures we've been traveling through.  The following is a list of things I have learned through these observations: Continue reading "Things I’ve Learned Through the Window"

Blogpost 5

In our time in Cambodia, we learned more and more about the dangers they are currently experiencing with their lack of water/ resources. The country is split into two seasons, wet season and dry season, forcing them to adapt to changing water levels and availability of resources. For a long time there were no issues with this as they could rely on well water to last them through the dry season. But in recent years this has began to become an issue. Continue reading "Blogpost 5"

Cambodian Agriculture

My favorite part of this trip has been seeing the agricultural practices in Cambodia. When we first crossed the border in Northwest Cambodia, we saw recently harvested rice fields with big eared cows and water buffalo roaming (we did sing the water buffalo song). Along the side of the road were blue tarps with the rice laid out to dry. Continue reading "Cambodian Agriculture"

The Business of Building -Blog Post 5

For anyone that has read my last blog post, you may recall that I spoke about the nature of this trip and of the wonderful life connections I've experienced. While I have enjoyed attempting to articulate some of the feelings I have had pertaining to myself, I think that now would be a good time to convey some of the more developmental aspects I have seen on this trip. We have visited a pretty incredible amount of wonderful non-governmental organizations (NGO) on this trip, and I have personally witnessed some of the obvious transformation that the people of a broken country have experienced. With that being said, there was one organization that truly stood out to me, and that was International Developmental Enterprises (IDE). Continue reading "The Business of Building -Blog Post 5"