Arrived Safely in PP

Our group has safely arrived in PP this evening.  The bus only broke down three times!  🙂 Tomorrow we depart for a remote village for a few days - returning on Sunday.  Most likely we will not have access to internet. Thank you also for your prayers the three profs are still recovering but are starting to feel better. There are a few students that are getting ill mainly that  we are passing around a cold.  Some are getting queasy stomachs. Regards, L. De Rooy

Prayers for health

One week from tomorrow we begin our long route back to winter. Thank you to all for praying us through the past weeks. Although I think that several students ate tarantulas, grasshoppers, and scorpions, no one has had bad run-ins with them nor with cobras, tigers, or other occasional animals of Cambodia. However, several students seem to be sharing variations of a cold. Also, today all three professors are sick with different intestinal and stomach issues. Please pray that we can all return to full health as we enter our last week and that as always the Lord will lead and guide us.

On the way – our Journey has started!

We are sitting on the coach bus getting ready to cross over the Michigan border.  I did a quick check and found that from the time our plane leaves O'Hare to the time that it arrives in Bangkok, it will be around 35 hours.   However, that includes a long layover in Seoul South Korea.  We were able to arrange a tour of Seoul to help pass the time and to give us a chance to see some parts of Korea. Our first flight is about 15 hours - I tell people that is like flying to Europe and then turing around and coming back home without stopping.  🙂 Please pray for our  group that our flights will be smooth and that we will have a fun time on the long flights. Regards, Leonard De Rooy