Insite on the bewildering.

What is more bewildering the the holocost. There was no real warning and everything happened so fast and legally.There was nothing illegal outside of the moral codes being broke. Let’s back up. Where we went was originally basically a state prison. The gate said work will set you free and you could leave after your time was up. This wasn’t a place of death and murder it was a “liveable” labor camp. Yes people died and where treated horrably. But its main use was befor the war where everything was mostly legal instead of during the war where there was almost no legalness on the situation. But what was really interesting was on the surface everything was In fact legal. There were death certificates for everyone, correct or not. Everyone was processed and from the legal legistical cover was legal and that surprised me greatly. Everything else was bewildering, but don’t we already know that. We all know that it was messed up to degrees we don’t want to know. We are supposed to process what we say and what we learned. Well we can’t. We can say what we will but what we all felt can’t be placed into words. Wanting the wrath of God for people who could do this doesn’t discribe it. Feeling sorrow is to weak of a word. Non can understand why this happened. We can try, but we all, hopefully, have a ¬†conscious that tells us this is wrong. We may never be able to place it in words. But this is the best I can do.

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