The photo above was captured as I stood in front of the Köln Cathedral for the first time. I was speechless-which, if you ask anyone on the trip, is a state I rarely find myself in.

I had just hopped off the train and was complaining to Chinelo about the terrible young boys and their constant yelling “I said a boom-chick-a-boom” I had to share a car with. Turns out, middle school boys are annoying in every country and every language. But as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight and I turned my head to see the Cathedral, I stopped mid-sentence and marveled in the beauty of the building.

As we worshiped in the Cathedral the next morning I liked the reverence that was displayed throughout the service. They fully acknowledged that God is holy. It differed from my home church in that it lacked the personal aspect of the Christian faith. I felt that it was more about tradition and regulations than about a one-on-one relationship with Jesus.

As we left the service, there were tons people flooding into the sanctuary. It was interesting to see tourists from all over the world, snapping pictures, amazed by the massiveness and the detail of the beautiful church.


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