From Big to Bigger

When we went to the Berliner Dome the first week we got to Germany, all I thought was “Wow this is huge.” but then we traveled to Köln. I knew that the cathedral there was large but I wasn’t expected what I saw when I came out of the train station. A massive, towering building that captured your gaze as soon as you left the station. The intricate design and look was astonishing. Looking at it from across the river later that day was incredible, it dominated the landscape.

When we actually went into the cathedral the next day to worship it was amazing to see the thought and care that went into the building. The service itself was a different experience for me since it was a Catholic service and I am an AG Protestant. There were many things that were intriguing to me, like the incense and how it was used so much, since I don’t normally experience it. Along with the service we were able to go up into one of the towers which was a long way up. The view of the city was well worth the climb. Overall the experience I had in Köln was awesome and breathtaking.

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