Fun in Germany

Germany was a blast. The one thing that stood out to me was that our group saw more of Germany than most Germans see of Germany. That really stood out to me. We took day trips to major cities. My favorite was Bremen. It’s a major port city in northern Germany and while we were there we were able to see the really old part of town where the streets are narrower at the top then they are at the bottom and with no planning to where roads go. It was super cool and old, and Bremen was probably my favorite city. We took a train ride to the western side of Germany and it remainded me of Michigan or northern Indiana. We went to Hidalburg and saw the castle there and it has the largest cast in the world. At the end we had the opertunity to go and visit other parts of Europe and a friend and I went to Belgium. In Brussels they have A part that is still somewhat set up from the worlds fair and that was really cool. They have a lot of old buildings and a place called mini Europe where they have massive monuments, but in quarter scale, allowing us to see more of Europe than we could otherwise. The trip as a whole was awsome.

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