Meat and Potatoes

What were your impressions of all the different foods you ate in Germany?

To start off I thought the food was absolutely amazing. I wish I could have eaten out every single meal because it was so good. The group dinners were probably one of my favorite parts of the trip because it was a guaranteed delicious meal that was pretty sizable. Most of the meals that you would order would include a massive helping of potatoes as well as some sort of meat. The first group dinner we went to was a Bavarian restaurant and I had a big plate of potatoes with sour cream, mushrooms cooked in a delicious sauce, and a big piece of beef. It was a very heavy and filling meal, which I loved.

Most of the time for dinner during the week many of us would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bread and Nutella. This got old very quick because they aren’t that filling and its the same thing over and over. I am a huge fan of variety.

For breakfast the place we stayed at would put out a large buffet of a different variety of breads and meats. There was also some fruit and granola and different cheeses that you could pick from. I thought this was delicious because it was really good meat that was really fresh and bread that was warm and seemed like it was made that morning. I really loved the breakfast because it was filling and very tasty.

Another meal that a lot of us would eat was a Döner. A Döner is a Turkish meal that includes shaved pieces chicken or beef on bread with lots of different vegetables like salad, carrots, tomato’s, onion, and many others with whatever sauce you wanted. Most of the time the sauce that people would pig was garlic and yogurt or curry. These were very good because it was almost like a burrito and they were super cheap so many of us had these daily.

Another popular cheap food that we could all rely on was the Currywurst and the bratwurst. They were usually very cheap and very delicious. This was Germanys most popular food for many of us.


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