Before going to a concentration camp I would still get really hit when talking about the Holocaust. Its hard for me to imagine a group of people doing that to another group of people. I cant even think about it. After actually going to the concentration camp and walking where thousands of Jews walked, and standing where many were murdered, it was hard for me to even think about it. I was overcome with an extreme amount of sadness and I just shut up for the rest of the day. I couldn’t get out of my head thinking about all the personalities and great people that were just wiped out because they were thought of as not human. Sad is only the beginning of it.

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One Week In

For the one week that I have been in Germany I have really fallen in love with it here. I really like the city life and taking the bus everywhere. Its great. I think its awesome being able to get my homework done during the day and then going out on the town at night to have fun. I think its a great place for young people because its so easy to meet a lot of people. Even though I am not fluent and don’t speak very well you can still meet a lot of people.

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