I went into Sachsenhausen without knowing what to expect.  As I wandered through the camp I wondered how people could do this.  The camp seemed huge, yet it held way more people than it ever was meant to, and it wasn’t even that large of a camp compared to others.  The number of people that died there in a month, pales in comparison to the number that died in a day at other camps.  Even as I was thinking of these things while in the camp, I didn’t feel like I thought I should.  The camp internally has been destroyed, and there was hardly any of the original left.  The part that made me feel the most was the foundations of the crematorium, one of the more intact remains of the main camp.  More than the huge memorial in the middle of the camp, the ruins of that crematorium carried the horror of what that camp was and why it should never happen again.

First Week in Germany

This first week in Germany has been great.  We were taken all over the place by the professors in the first few days to learn how to use the public transportation, as well as to learn how to find our way back to St. Michaels Heim.  Engineering and German classes have been taking much of our time, but we still have plenty of time to explore this new place.   Continue reading “First Week in Germany”