How Germany Changes You

My experiences in Germany have taught me many things. First, people are people, no matter where they come from. We may have different cultures, different languages, and different landscapes, yet when you get to the core of a person, be they from Germany or anywhere else, they have same desires as someone from the United States, to be respected, to be loved, and to succeed. It taught me how to be an adult. I hand-washed my own clothing, traveled across foreign borders with guardian there to protect me, dealt with the consequences of loosing a wallet in a foreign city and learned sometimes you just have to trust God. It taught me how to improvise, some things can’t be planned, and there are some things you just don’t know, but you have to work without that knowledge anyway, so you find a little courage and keep going even if it’s hella embarrassing, or beyond your abilities; life doesn’t always coddle us. Lastly, I experienced God’s hand, even when I felt that whole situation was falling apart that my grades would ruin college career, or that I’d lost, bereft of any lifeline, God was there and showed me a way.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

– Matthew 6:34

Getting Lost – A Reflection on Traveling to Copenhagen

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen with six other friends. These plans were made at the last minute, mere days before we arrived, as we had no idea we would have the time free until the week of the trip. This past weekend represents a period of great growth to me.

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Elevator Speech

My visit to Germany was great. The first thing that comes to mind is the food. I am going to miss Currywurst and Fries and the occasional Döner. The most memorable thing about my visit had to be hearing my German professor tell us stories about growing up in Germany, and what it was like living in the east while the wall was still up. Visiting the various cities was also very memorable. I love the old german architecture and the tight streets that wind through the many homes and shops. I also have to note that just about everyone I saw smoked cigarettes. Now every time I smell cigarette smoke it reminds me of hopping off of the busses, or walking around city streets. I only have two complaints. One is that there are no drinking fountains, the other is the inaccessibility of toilets. I learned how to work around these problems however, so all was well.

Visit to Köln

As I walked outside of the train station in Köln, my jaw dropped at the sight of the Köln cathedral. It was without a doubt the most amazing building I have ever seen. The city however was full of tourists, which took away some of its authenticity.

We attended a mass in the cathedral, which was a very interesting experience. Im glad I attended the service, however it was a very foreign to me. I could not understand anything that was said, probably due to the fact there was no english spoken. During the service they spread incense around, something I have never seen. Compared to my church, it was very formal and ritualistic.

Bremen Visit

Bremen was a great city because it was far less touristy than Berlin. Berlin seemed very “American” as it seemed to be catering to tourists. In my five weeks spent in Germany, I would say that Bremen was the first time I really experienced Germany. Besides all of the scaffolding, I could see history present in the architecture.

We took a boat ride down the river. This was a beautiful experience, especially the nap I took midway through. We also shopped around a bit, and ate ice cream.