First Thoughts

The thought of studying abroad has always appealed to me. I was thrilled when I discovered that the engineering department had a number of trips I could go on. Spending six weeks in Germany sounded too good of an offer to pass up. I hope to get the other students better and to engage in German culture. I hope to contribute another adventrous personality to the group. My prayer for this trip is to have a once in a lifetime experience with some fun people.

Almost Time to Go

I have two reasons that I decided to go on this trip. My first reason was that I saw this trip as a once in a lifetime experience to be able to visit Europe, specifically Germany, for a longer period of time and be able to really see and feel the difference between American culture and the German culture. My second reason was so that I could get to know more of the engineering students at Calvin and hopefully build good relationships with them. I hope that I get to experience a lot of German culture while I’m there and that I do well in the class. I believe that I can be contribute to this trip through helping other students learn the material. I also pray that we can all remain safe as we are traveling abroad and that we become a closer knit group of students.


I have never gone to Europe. Stuck on this side of the Atlantic, I yearn for new experiences from other cultures. This presents the perfect opportunity. For six weeks I will see, taste, and hear Germany. Hopefully, the whole class will grow close on this trip, and stay close after we return. Unlike Drake says, new friends are indeed a good thing. On this trip I can contribute my five years of German education to helping myself and my friends feel more comfortable and excited about being in a completely new place. I pray that on this program, we all grow in our knowledge of the German language and culture, and all thoroughly enjoy our stay.

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Welcome to the blog of the Summer Program in Germany group.   During the summer we hope to post pictures and blog entries that tell about the things that we are learning.

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Prof. De Rooy