Getting Lost – A Reflection on Traveling to Copenhagen

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen with six other friends. These plans were made at the last minute, mere days before we arrived, as we had no idea we would have the time free until the week of the trip. This past weekend represents a period of great growth to me.

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A week in Croatia

Proposed Question: How was your last week in Europe?

So during my last week in Europe, a group of us went to Croatia for a week. Looking back, I definitely should have put on more sunscreen than I should did, brought more band-aids than I did, and taken more pictures than I did. It was still an awesome adventure filled with great memories. Continue reading “A week in Croatia”

Ich spreche Deutsch

The question I propose for this “make your own” blog post is this:

How has the language barrier influenced the trip, both positively and negatively?

For me, the greatest part of this trip has been speaking German. Speaking German is straight-up fun. It’s taking something that we are all pretty bad at and showing the world just how bad at it we are. And no one cares !  Continue reading “Ich spreche Deutsch”

Choose your own adventure

This title describes the open prompt given and the content of the post.  That’s pretty neat.

For the past few weeks everyone has been staying up a little later than normal planning their adventures for the final week of the trip.  There are individuals and groups going to places as far away as Lisbon and Rome, Croatia and Paris.  I’ll be doing a more modest trip to the nearby Netherlands with my family.  Earlier this summer I was travelling to many of the places that others are going to next week, and those travels reinforced my suspicion that international travel isn’t necessarily the soul-enlightening and transcendent experience that I think western culture chalks it up to be.

My unsolicited advice regarding travelling to you and to the rest of the students in the program is to do what you want to do and do it with friends.  Listen to the advice of travel blogs and people who have been to those places, but ultimately do what you want to do and what interests you.  I hate cliches; that hurt to write.  While I didn’t do all of the ‘must-see’ things in Germany or anywhere else, I don’t regret it.  I didn’t come here to have someone else’s experience.

I swear we are learning!


Within Statics and Dynamics class, we have learned about trusses, equilibrium, zero force members, shear, inertia, momentum, impulse, moments, and various other things. I personally have enjoyed seeing the world differently through this new set of lenses as we study these principles in engineering class. Throughout our trip, I have seen real life application to the material we are learning and have a new appreciation for little things that I used to think nothing of like a bridge or large trusses that support buildings. I will never see a bridge the same way without looking to see whether it is a pin, roller, or cantilever. I will never look at a train car or a trailer attached to a truck the same way without looking at the coupling. Thanks to this class, my eyes have been opened to appreciate all the work that goes into something like a bridge connection or attachment of a trailer to a truck. The way I see the world now is no longer static; rather it’s dynamic.


Trip to København

This past weekend, a group of seven students went to the capital city of Denmark–Copenhagen. We took a train to Hamburg after the day trip in Lübeck and rode the bus to Copenhagen. I would like to provide a brief summary of our adventurous trip.

When we arrived in Hamburg on Saturday night, a beautiful night view of  the city and a group of swan welcomed us.


We visited the Hamburg Rathaus(capital building), it was beautiful.


I found a Bank of China in Hamburg, thought it was interesting.


We spend most of the night in the McDonald’s in the train station while waiting for our bus at 2:15am. It’s one of the few places that opens all night.


In order to get to Copenhagen, we took a ship across the Baltic Sea. Here is Kwame chilling on the ship, both literately and figuratively. It was about 40 Fahrenheit and windy.


Everyone except for Micah also saw a beautiful sunrise.


Since it was too cold on the deck, we came back in to the ship and ate breakfast. Mean while, Micah was asleep one floor below us and Nate was looking for Micah.


Fun Story: When the ship got to the harbor, some of us didn’t manage to get back to the bus in time. And the bus driver decided not to wait for them. The group had a good freak out. With the help of another passenger, we were able to communicate with the bus driver and our people got to catch up to the bus while the border control was checking our passport.

Lesson learned: 1. Stay as a group while traveling. 2. Be on the bus when the ship stops.

We arrived safely in Copenhagen and enjoyed a lovely boat ride around the city. Saw lots of cool buildings and bridges.


After the boat tour, we rented bikes, toured around the city, and went to a street food center called the paper Island. They have crazy good food. The weather was complicated in Copenhagen, a third of time was sunny, another third was cloudy, and the rests are storming. Biking in the heavy rain was definitely another highlight of the trip. The picture below is of the whole group taken at the paper Island.


We also went to the Kastellet Park and saw the famous little mermaid. She is the most photographed lady in Copenhagen. Kwame asked her for a date, she responded with silence.


Fun story: The Kastellet Park was design to be a fortress, consequently there was many artificial hills surrounded by a river. I accidentally slipped down from one of the bigger hills but luckily stopped myself before I fall into the water. It was ten out of ten, I will do it again.

Lesson learned:1. Don’t pretended to slip, because you might actually slip. 2. sliding down the hill might be fun but climbing back up is a different story.


Some of us went to the tower at the Christianburg Palace, there you can over look the city (and stay dry during the storm).


In the Evening, we went to a nice restaurant and used up most of our Danish Krones. And we went to a small local bar, got some beer and chatted with the bartender who is from Iceland. We got on the bus at 10:15pm and got back to Berlin this morning at 06:30am.