Estimated return time

Here is the approximate schedule for the return of the group.

They are returning on Saturday August 27 on AirBerlin flight AB7420 which should arrive in Chicago O’Hare around 11:35am (Chicago time).  They will then have to go through immigration and customs.

If you are planning on meeting the group at international arrivals you can meet them at O’Hare Terminal 5

The group will then take a coach bus and travel back to Calvin’s campus.  They should be arriving on campus around 4:30 0- 5:00pm (Michigan time).


L. De Rooy

Riding the DB Train at 200km/hr (124mph)

Here are a few photos to show how our students like to ride the trains.  The seats are a lot nicer than those in the airplanes!   Don’t forget that you can view all our photos at the menu link above which brings you to this url: Photo Gallery

 200 km/hour = 124.3 miles/hour.  Notice that the “space time continuum” is a little out of alignment since the portion of the train that I was standing in was going faster than the other end of the wagon/train car.  🙂

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Status update: All is well

We woke up this morning to the news that there was another incident in Ansbach Germany.  Ansbach is about a 5 hour train ride (about 490km) from Berlin.   All is well with our group.

We had an active weekend and this morning the breakfast conversations was almost limited to grunts  🙂

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for health: One of our students has a cold, please pray for quick recovery for her and pray that the cold does not spread through the group.
  • Pray for continued safety for our group.  Give thanks to our LORD that our group has been safe so far.


Leonard De Rooy