Project Update

PQS assigned the team a new project.  Again, the goal is to automate the loading and machining of a part. This system will also comply with workplace safety standards, produce consistent parts, and operate dependably. The machining of the new part is more complex; for this reason, the new system will operate at a rate of 75 parts per hour minimum. This project does not require a measurement system.  However, the part loading is complicated due to the shape of the part. This new system will be approved by the customer and will be ready for operation by May 18, 2018.

The Project

Team 07 was tasked with constructing a system which will properly load, re-orientate, and unload a cylindrical part for CNC lathe machining. The system would comply with workplace safety standards, perform reliably and robustly in the placing and orienting of parts, and would have capability to track dimensionals, and compute process control capability during production. The system would operate at a minimum rate of 120 parts per hour, and would have been capable of functioning without supervision. The system would have been approved by the customer and implemented immediately following the conclusion of the 2017-2018 academic year.  Sadly, this project was cancelled due to manufacturing changes.