This is team Crayowulf and here is what we’re working on:

We are building a mini-Beowulf cluster by connecting five NVIDIA Jetson TX2 boards via Gigabit Ethernet.  We are configuring it’s GNU/Linux operating system (Ubuntu) and installing the software necessary to perform parallel computations.  We plan to benchmark it to compare its performance to that of other supercomputers.  We are also implementing a post-quantum cryptography scheme.

We are designing a case that is shaped like a Cray-1 supercomputer.  This case will include some 3D printed parts.   This case will also include a liquid cooling system in addition to air cooling.



Below are CAD drawing of the mechanical enclosure designed by the mechanical engineering members of the team.

The mechanical engineering members are also designing a liquid cooling loop for the Nvidia Jetsons. The cooling loop components and path can be seen below.

The design of the water blocks has been an iterative process. Below you can see the 3-D prints of the first four prototype generations. The actual water blocks will be milled from aluminum

The node network designed by the computer science and electrical engineering members of the team can be seen below.

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