Project Description

We plan to design and test a module for AvaSure’s AvaSys® Mobile Unit (AMU). In-hospital falls have a major impact on the physical and emotional health of patients, and they can cost hospitals tens of thousands of dollars. The AvaSys® Telesitter system allows for the constant monitoring by a technician of multiple patients. When a patient is at risk of falling, the technician can activate a “Stat” alarm to indicate that an on-floor nurse needs to step in. The alarm currently consists of a very loud alarm tone playing out of the in-room monitoring unit. Our project is to design a remote stat alarm indicator to be placed in the hallway outside of any hospital room that has a monitoring unit. The device will use ultra-bright LED’s to quickly indicator to a nurse which room has the patient that needs intervention. This will cut down on the time between the stat alarm activation and the physical intervention potentially increasing the chance of a successful fall prevention.

The Team


Daniel Michaels

Dan Michaels is currently a hardware engineering intern at AvaSure.

Tommy Matheson

Tommy Matheson is currently a controls engineering intern at Dematic.

Trenton Wells

Trenton Wells is currently an electrical internal development intern at ADAC Automotive.