Our Team

Megan Anders

Megan Anders grew up in a small town outside of Champaign-Urbana, IL. She is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an international and sustainability designation. She interned at Integrated Packaging Machinery (IPM) this past summer designing packaging equipment. In her Calvin College career, she studied abroad in Cambodia and Germany, Technical University of Berlin. She wants to integrate her passion for innovation, curiosity, and knowledge of engineering to help others and create a more sustainable world. Megan was an RA her junior year and served as the Treasurer for Engineering Unlimited, an organization to implement sustainable engineering projects worldwide. In her free time, she enjoys participating in intramural soccer, teaching herself to play the guitar, and being outdoors.

Ryan Bradley

Ryan Bradley is a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineering Student from Clarkston, MI. He has spent the last two summers interning at an American Semiconductor company, called Allegro Microsystems. The summer before that in 2015, he studied at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. During his summers as an intern, he worked as a field applications engineering intern. This past year he has signed an offer to start off his career with Allegro in the upcoming spring (2018). Along with his work experience, Ryan is involved with many other programs on campus. Ryan is a captain on Calvin College’s Varsity Men’s Ice Hockey Team. He spent his last four years with this team. He also serves as the Officer of Public Relations for the IEEE student Chapter at Calvin College. Ryan loves to fill his time with extracurricular activities, and holds a special interest in the Automotive Industry.

Austin Roden

Austin Roden is a senior electrical and computer engineering student with a minor in business and an international designation. During the summers of 2016 and 2017 and interned with NiSource, a gas and electric distribution utility, as instrumentation and controls intern. In this position, he worked with senior engineers and other team members to effectively trouble shoot problems with the control systems, assist in new station start-ups, and work on technical documentation. This experience will help with the trouble shooting problems in the control loop of P.A.L.’s electrical system and the overall project management of seeing the project through from start from finished. In addition, Austin’s unique interest in business and his experience with Knight Investment Management will help lead the team’s ability to manage its budget and integrate business and engineering. Outside of work and academics, Austin has been involved in leading youth group at Berkeley Church and playing varsity lacrosse for Calvin, which has helped him gain much knowledge in leadership. The combination of experiences will help his ability to lead and motivate the team, effectively troubleshoot and design the control systems within P.A.L., and assist with prioritizing items and managing the project as a whole.

Laura Van Winkle

Laura is a mechanical engineer major at Calvin College from St. Joseph MI. During the summer of 2016 and 2017 she interned at SeaLandAire Technologies in Jackson, MI. and Gentex Corporation in Zeeland, MI., respectively. During her internship at SeaLandAire she worked as a mechanical engineering intern, helping to build prototypes for their Riverine contract, a small remote-controlled jet boat, gaining some exposure to Solidworks and boat design. At Gentex she worked as a quality engineering intern, primary focusing on the customer quality side. At Calvin Laura is the student manager at the climbing wall on campus, managing risk assessment training, quality checking all the gear associated with the climbing wall and all of the scheduling. She also leads week long backpacking, kayaking and climbing trips in the wilderness, for incoming students. Laura will pull from her experience with small jet boats to assist in the design of P.A.L and will use her experience in scheduling and leadership to plan with the team to insure the project’s completion.