The Project

Our Project is to validate a vortex separator system to filter out chaff and oils from the exhaust created during the coffee roasting process.

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The Team

Our team consists of four mechanical engineers: Paul Bootsma, Kirk Brink, Chris Greaves, and Erik Karlson

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The Client

Vortx by Kleanair currently produces a small vortex separator for coffee roasting.

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Project Summary

Vortx Kleanair Systems has a working product for handling 400 CFM of hot coffee exhaust. This product uses a vortex separator with water jets to separate out oils, smoke, fumes, and chaff from the hot exhaust stream. However, they are uncertain of the exact workings of said product. Our team will intensively study the combination of hot exhaust and water within a vortex separator in order to establish how the product works. This research and study will involve computer aided mathematical modeling and prototype testing. Using this new level of understanding we will attempt to scale the product to new sizes.